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  • A Killer Born - A serial killer in the Kuiper Belt
  • Forgiveness: Transforming You
  • Understanding the Ten Commandments
   ISBN: 978-0-9937565-3-5
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   ISBN: 978-0-9937565-2-8
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Jim Melanson
Fast Blast!
A new Star Wars movie called "Rogue One" is coming out this December. It's not part of the numbered series. It's about the mission to get the codes for the sheild around the forest moon of Endor. View Trailer on YouTube

Mama's Slippers
Stage Play

I Apologize for Nothing


At a time in her life when Prince Charming should have been sweeping her off her feet, she found herself pregnant, shunned, and ill-equipped for what life had in store for her.

Physical abuse, hard work in horrible factories, isolation both physical and mental, a child she would give her life for.... and who would bear the brunt of her pain.

This is the story of a powerhouse. A woman who refused to surrender, who learned as she went along, and who never let them take him from her.


How does a child raise an adult?

One moment at a time.
One tear at a time.
One heartbeat at a time.

This is the story of a frightened, confused, and hurting little man who didn't know how to deal with this struggle called life. He could only see through the eyes of a child, when he was a child.

Meet the man who looks back, who reflects, and who finally comes to know and love, unconditionally, the woman who never let them take him from her.


Share the journey of a Mother and Son as they navigate the adult child's memories of a life filled with confusion, uncertainty, and hurt. Most importantly, it was filled with the enduring and unshakable love of a woman who was both mother and friend.

A Play in Two Acts

This is a stage play script that reads, easily, like a novel. While it is a heartfelt drama to read, it is an even more powerful drama to produce or to see. The script contains instructions for production rights anywhere in the world, both amateur and professional. The terms are strikingly simple.

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Jim Melanson
Daily Wisdom for Adults (...a history of my tweets!)
"I can't tell if it's killing me or if it's making me stronger."
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