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Jim Melanson
Fast Blast!
A new Star Wars movie called "Rogue One" is coming out this December. It's not part of the numbered series. It's about the mission to get the codes for the sheild around the forest moon of Endor. View Trailer on YouTube

5 Word Challenge      (Sci-Fi Micro Stories)

5 Word Challenge

Challenge my micro-story skills!

You give me five words... and I will write a three page short story based on those words.

It will most likely be a science-fiction story, so keep that in mind when entering the words.

Once it is done, then I'll post the story on Wattpad so that everyone can read it. If you leave your email address, I'll send you a quick note to let you know it's there!

They can be any five words you want. They can be names of a person, planet, ship, weapon, city, an emtion, a desire, a goal, a quest, a challenge, a fear, etc.

Why am I doing this?

I'm doing this because I love writing. I can only write, however, what's in my head. This is why I want you to help me broaden my experience and improve my craft. I get a great experience; and you, hopefully, get a great story!

Don't be shy! Enter five words in the field below, separated by commas. Nouns and verbs work best! Include your name and email address (if you want to). When the story is done, I'll let you know and also announce it on Facebook.

Thank you!

Your email address is never sold or shared.

Your Name
Your email*
Enter only five words. Each word should be separated by a comma:


Story #1: Callisto
tiger, indicated, privacy, bedtime, Barenaked Ladies

Story #2: Down-Well Visit
gynecologist, Steven Hawking, unicorn, blood pudding, birth

Story #3: Rant
welding, eggplant, kittens, neurosis, springboard

Story #4: Newfies In Space

Story #5: The Youngling

Story #6: Adjudication
Journey, Colony, Sentient, Forest, Hollow

Story #7: I hate Tuesday's

Story #8: Wolfie In The Park
Enthusiastic, sublimnal, friendship, infinity, morose

Story #9: The Locker
hypnotize, thunderstorm, lobster, telescope, perjury

Story #10: The Brethren
ascetic, clouds, visions, metamorphosis

Story #11: Day 793
inchoate, alloy, ignite, perfunctory, joy

Jim Melanson
Daily Wisdom for Adults (...a history of my tweets!)
"Sometimes, being a Big Brother is better than being a Superhero."
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