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  • A Killer Born - A serial killer in the Kuiper Belt
  • Forgiveness: Transforming You
  • Understanding the Ten Commandments
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Jim Melanson
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On Mars: Vengeance Daughter
Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Young Adult, Strong Women

On Mars: Vengeance Daughter

Volume 3 of The Mike Lane Stories

Edited By Dorathy Gass & Guillaume Ruch
Cover illustration by Jonathan Hunt

Twenty-five years after her mother Hlef was killed at Hellas Planitia, Fala Lane has become a warrior and the pride of the Eben Protective Services. As beautiful as her mom, but even deadlier, Fala has the body count to prove she’s no wallflower. Her partner in crime is Tee; a human sidekick and best friend, whose actions have earned her the same (if not worse), destructive reputation. Everyone in the galaxy knows: when you frak with one of them, you frak with both of them; and you simply do not want to frak with either of these women.

Which is why Fala and Tee were natural choices for the Eben and Martian Defense Force, when it came to sending a strong message to the Eridani and the Kuabatay leadership. Fala and Tees’ mission was simple: assassinate the top five operational commanders of the Kuabatay, put terror in the hearts of the Eridani, and create nothing but chaos and disaster along the way.

But sometimes, missions change.

In the jungle of Eridani Prime, in a small prison built for one, Fala finds someone that was supposed to have died along with her mother, twenty-five years ago, during that fateful night when the Kuabatay tried to take over Carter Station, on Mars. Surrendering herself so she can get inside the prison, it’s then up to Tee to spring them both out.

Blitowyn of Chernasai, through his usual manipulation and lack of any true morals or emotions, uses the chaos wrought by Fala and Tee to seize the ultimate power, the Regentship of Eridani Prime. Despite this power, he only has one thing on his mind, and that’s retribution against the Lanes. He sets his sights on revenge against those responsible for murdering the only person he truly loved (or truly loved him). He devises a plan to bring down both Mike and Fala, as well as Achael HofPin, and anyone who gets in his way.

Blitowyn’s plan comes to a crescendo in Mike’s own back yard: on Earth, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the top of one of the tallest free-standing structures in the world, the CN Tower. Alas, Blitowyn should have remembered that you can never truly trust those Eben bastards, the half-breed hybrid scum, Mike Lane … or his human-hybrid daughter, for that matter.

Resembling a Hollywood action film-style disregard for public property and innocent bystanders, the last chapter of good versus evil from the Red Planet unfolds in the final book of the On Mars trilogy. Simply put, it will give readers the chills, as a feud that has lasted for decades, if not centuries, culminates.

… And just when you think it’s over ... it isn’t.

Join Mike, Achael, Gilda, Big Martha, along with newcomers Fala Lane and Tee Boyle, as they embark on a galactic adventure that dives into the raw emotions of revenge, forgiveness, and vengeance, in the last installment of the On Mars trilogy, Vengeance Daughter.

On Mars: Pathfinder On Mars: Murder at Hellas Planitia On Mars: Omnibus Edition
Get Volume 1 Get Volume 2 3-in-1

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Jim Melanson
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2016.04.28 (Pre-release)
C. Sheepers

Jim Melanson once again delivers.

On Mars: Vengeance Daughter, does what science fiction is supposed to do: capture our attention, speculate about the wild possibilities, and take us just beyond our previous imaginings.

This three part series is a must read for readers unfamiliar with the "Novels of The Mike Lane Stories" they will be amazed at the depth of the characters, the superbly presented story line and writing style, this builds up the tension and suspense in another fascinating science fiction novel.

On Mars: Vengeance Daughter brings it all together, in a way it's closure not only for the characters but also for the readers. Each part of this final book solves and unfolds another mystery, making the book incredibly hard to put down.

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